We're building software that sends
3D models into Virtual Reality.

IrisVR gives you the tools to impress an audience, educate a client, or critique your own work.
We guarantee you'll have fun doing it, too. Apply for our prototype app today.

Supported Native File Formats


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3ds Max

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IFC Files

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One Click Simplicity

Drag your 3D file into our app and click launch. With irisVR, there is no need to export to another format, use an external game engine, or waste time trying to get a VR walkthrough to run. We've automated the whole process to work within seconds. 

Native File Support

IrisVR prioritizes "easy to use". Virtual reality should save time in a work flow, not add to it. Our solution is to offer native support for common file types including SketchUp, Revit, Blender, 3ds Max, Archicad, IFC, FBX, and OBJ. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more.

Cross Platform

Our software uses technology that runs on both Windows and Mac machines. The Oculus Rift and other VR headsets are also fully cross platform, which means that you will have access to all of the features of IrisVR regardless of your operating system.

Built for VR First

Virtual Reality is our primary platform, which means our software is optimized to deliver the best experience for VR without compromise. We optimize for low latency, high frame rates, and overall comfort.




Whether you are building a new home or commissioning an institutional project, we have created a toolset that will allow you to quickly view spatial aspects of your building. Virtual reality clarifies complex designs.

AEC Pros

Use VR to help your clients understand their projects and save time communicating your designs. Take irisVR into the field to coordinate with contractors and perform a walkthrough of the site before breaking ground.


Examine the layout of furniture within a space, walk around an exhibit design, or iterate through variations of a product mockup. If you work in 3D, our application will let you easily bring your work to life in virtual reality.

Film & Stage

Use irisVR to walk through a virtual set or view a character rig. Virtual reality is an immersive medium through which you can discover new aspects of your design beyond the limitations of a 2D plan or 3D rendering.



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